W310 WAVE Caddy

WAVE Wine Caddy
design: Norman Tang & Eric Yeung

Art.: W310
Size: 46.5 x 29.2 x 26.0(H) cm
Colour: Frosted White, Frosted Orange, Frost Green, Frosted Pink
The multi-purpose caddy is ideal for carrying and cooling bottles of wine or soft drinks. It is useful to store fruits, organize magazines, grow plants, and transport personal accessories to the beach.

The wavy appearance is designed to align with the figure of the lower body during handling. The strong handle is ergonomically designed and positioned at the center of the caddy for maximum comfort. When carrying wine bottles, the wavy design also keeps them separate to reduce the unpleasant clinking noise of glass bottles striking each other.

The caddy is an efficient and user-friendly product, as it can be stacked to save storage space and minimize shipping cost.